※The steps presented here are only the basic steps. The process may
vary depending on the techniques and experiences of the laminator.

Print your design on the REAL PAPER with an inkjet printer.


Place the REAL PAPER on the surfboard blank and cut the REAL PAPER to
the shape of the board leaving about an extra inch of REAL PAPER.


Peal the REAL PAPER off carefully from the mount paper. We recommend doing this
task with two persons. One may hold the mount paper and the other may peal the


Apply and squeeze the resin to the surfboard blank and let it penetrate into the blank.
Wipe off the foamy resin and apply new one.


Place and stick the REAL PAPER carefully to the surfboard blank, One holding the
nose side and the other holding the tale side of the REAL PAPER. Be careful not to
get wrinkles on the center of the REAL PAPER.


Once you stick the REAL PAPER you may not move the center part of it.
However you may lift the rail side of the REAL PAPER and stretch it towards the rail
of the board in order to get rid of wrinkles.


Place the resin that is left unto the stringer and disperse it from there.
Squeeze the resin from the center of the board into all direction.
From the center to the nose. From the center to the tale.


If you get air bubbles in the middle of the paper,slit it with a knife to
get rid of the air.


Before the resin hardens apply some resin to the slit. As you cover that over with a
cloth later the slit will not be visible. When you are done with these steps,do the same
to the other side of the board.